Wednesday, March 05, 2008

NZ Elections

So election frenzy keeps ramping up a gear... I think our media has USA envy - we have no primaries or any of that stuff... but news must be made... pollls taken and opinions given

As long as issues and policy is not discussed and thus the voting public gets information on everything and anything that has little to do with what our potential next government might be about.

Everything points towards a National victory.... for no rational reason than Kiwis want change - yep when things aren't too bad we want to change anyways

Here's a article on John Key - leader of the National party and well someone we seem to know so very little about. A good read with some insights but still not much detail.

I can't work Key out, not that it matters too much as he'd have to don superman custome and be able to leap some seriously tall buildings before he'd get my vote... what I do want to have some inkling of who he is and what he might be capable of - the good, the bad and the ugly.

So far under his leadership National have done a sterling job of winning polls...

So Who is John Key?

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