Holy crap its thursday

Eak... short weeks really mess with short wearers heads

I want to share an old Front 242 song today, don't have a digital copy of the song - so tough... you tube have served up a live version so deal with that...

Was a massive fan back in the day... saw them live in London in 92 some time after I'd move on musically - one of the best live acts I've ever witnessed, I had the BIG dumb grin on the entire show... ahhh... god its been so long since my face has betrayed my total enjoyment of a show... is this getting old? Fuck I hope not.

I still drag the old vinyl out about once a year to refresh the memories and ears... unfortunately like most electronic music the drums date the songs something terrible

I used to play Welcome To Paradise in my brief period of playing records in clubs... for no other reason than I liked the track and it sounded great on big speakers to my ears and most importantly it amused me

Front 242 (discogs)


Anyways... Lovely Day a song/track that used to always cheer me up...


Anonymous said…
yup, (belly rub) that sorted my day nicely

Holy crap!! and just as I was about to publish comment, this guy walks in with this waahaaay stupid grin on his face and the sun behind him...and for just a moment I thought that Bob had entered the building....
Anonymous said…

(fianlly got the full download, classic)