Music & Politics

Don't mix?


Here's a Labour themed song written and recorded by local icon Chris Knox:

It’s a Better Way with Labour
Chris Knox

We’re a part of the Pacific
Independent, proud and free
And no power on Earth can tell us
What to do or who to be
For we know all must be equal
And - where not - we’ll lend a hand
And if that makes us old-fashioned
That we care - well, understand:

It’s a better way with Labour (x3)
Way better!

We’re a part of one great family
That is several million strong
We’re a multicoloured iwi
Where each singer has their song
Where good hard work will get you there
And knowledge is the way
To make this land a better place
For tomorrow and today

It’s a better way with Labour (x3)

Click here to go to a site where you can download the song. Read the comments they are quite amusing.

Is it any good - well its not his greatest work but its ok.


What a load of pretentious twaddle! This is not America Christopher. Political parties here do not need a theme song littered with jingleisms like “a multi-coloured iwi” and the stomach churning “each singer has a song”. I was half expecting a mention of "whales" or is that in the missing verse which includes lines about "smacking" & "closing the gaps"? I can’t believe this is the same guy I saw self-mutilate himself on stage at Mollet Street in 1978 (or was it 77?)Please I beg (falls to knees, puts hands together mimicking praying) if this is Labours theme song – for Gods sake do not post The Greens!