update from bobs sick bed... the L.E.D.S

oh yeah much better listening at home, strange that and this is sans beer - hey I am sick and its 9.30am... alright... maybe whiskey later.. oh a hot toddy.... rubs belly, I could also be listening to it a lot louder but have a shocking headache and the panadol ain't kicked in yet

I can't help but be reminded of elements of Snapper and Neu!, Can, Suicide, Stereolab and a whole bunch of other awesome bands.

I'm still not blown away as I want to be, but am really liking it. Knowing myself as I do I can see the repeat button being pushed a number of times before I need to cleanse the palete and move onto more electronic fare.

Is there a weak track on this album.... no I don't think there is... they obviously ain't read the manual on filler tracks on albums... foolz

Yep, a great listen, a perfect album for cerain old buggers, of which I am happily one... I wonder what the kids make of it all?

damn, its finished and so am I... here that is

runs off to push the repeat button and boil the kettle again