Colour = grey

Stuck at home with the flu... bored... for the first time ever sick leave allocation is a issue in my job... first time I believe I've used all my sick leave... thus I either lose holidays or pay for being sick

This is a depressing thought.

I'm not sure if its making me feel any better.

Worse I am sick of sitting at home trying to keep myself occupied with little energy and find concentrating for long tiresome... I have books screaming to me and cannot cope with more than a few pages at a time.

I'm busy reading phillip K Dicks Minority Report - the volume of short stories that has found its way, thanks to Scott, to my fevered hands... I am trapped in a long story in it, I am unsure where the story is going and am undecided if its a awesome one or one I won't be re-reading.

I built some famrs in sim city yesterday and then gave the game away, the farmers are angry and I do believe if I leave the house I shall find tractor parts littering the driveway from a French inspired strike - come on sim city farmers I am not giving you subsidies, I is a kiwi.

I have a copy of the L.E.D.S album at the stereo and after reading a few super glowing reports of this band I am a tad concerned I won't be blown away - have listened to it twice at work and have no idea what I think yet - volume was too low and strangely my workplace is not a friendly environment for actually hearing and enjoying music. I am of the belief this album needs volume and perhaps beer, volume I can do but beer is not on the cards - can't think of anything worse right now (my god I am sick, LOL).

I have been thrashing the latest compilation Websta (he has awesome taste, across the musical spectrum - just don't ever tell him so) has given me, loving the Italoboyz – Victor Casanova track right now, tis awesome.

Douglas Lilburn's Songs Of Aotearoa is once again sitting on the turntables getting regular plays, I'm no classical buff nor generally someone who listens to this kind of music but I do adore this album.

I found out yesterday Al Jerreza is on triangle during the day, now theres a real depressing means to pass time at home - cripes there is a lot happening in the world. I watched TV3s news last night - no I am not proud of myself. I got depressed by how shoddy it was and bailed for bad US sit comland and nearly strangled myself - I was not strong enough to bring on death... do I need to visit the gym?

Yeah right do I look like I have lost the last vestage of sanity I have/had?

I shall buy a lotto ticket this weekend, for once again Bob needs to dream of a better life - one that doesn't have the normal lack of money in it, one where Bob can create his own destiny as opposed to simply being a wage slave stupidly clinging to a industry that pays him less than he earnt over a decade ago.

Christ knows what he'd do with lots of money... other than buy a shitload of music and devote too much time to discovering so much he's never had the time nor funds to enjoy.

He'd go on train trips, lots of train trips (bob likes trains, they go backwards and forwards - hed do the trans siberian railway for a start, ride the bullet train, travel from the UK to France on the train under the tunnel and and and oh so many to do... all whilst wearing I a I am a little sad T Shirt.

oh dear, Bob ya dreamer... oh well dreams are free and bob does have a overly active imagination

in short Bob is a little down today

toot toot