Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Shit that is going to get real boring

I see the media are gearing up to make this the year of climate change - or maybe if I am jumping the gun some bright spark has decided this 'quiet' time of year is going to be....

I'd like to say its due, that media spent more time on informing us on what climate chnage is and how its going to impact on our fragile ecosystem. This is the single most important issue facing our species.

Last night I predicted the demise of our kind.... We are dooomed.

Why you might ask

Well if every single climate change story is concerned (as they were last night) with the economic impact of said change and concerns itself with the financial repercussions we deserve to die out.

Does something need to lose its net worth for us to get concerned?

Is a dip on the sharemarket the only thing that motivates some?

I am afraid so, these are our weakest links...

If we could find a economic benefit in climate change I guess our species facing possible extinction would be painted in a good light.

"hey, you're dead but your stock portfolio increased its value by 35% this year"

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