The Long & The Short Of It

George FM
Monday 2-4pm

Simon Beesting - Merckx Station (SB) 2006
Butthole Surfers - Creep In The Cellar (Touch & Go) 1986
Tortoise - It's All Around You (Thrill Jockey) 2004
HDU - Lull, Dark Restart (DSoundproof rmx) (Flying Nun) 1998
Beta Band - Gone (EMI) 2001
Neon Heights - Are We Through (Larry heard rmx) (Glasgow Underground) 2001
Mojo Project - It's My Life (John Arnold rmx) (lovemonk) 2004
Blair - Life (Derrick Carter rmx) (White) 2004
Moodymann - Tribute (Peacefrog) 2000
Darryl Mcintosh - Somebody Offers (DM) 2006
Simon Beesting - Are You Ready For This (SB) 2006
Tiefschwarz - Mars (Classic) 2003
Arthur Russell - Wild Combination (Nuphonic) 2001
Lidell Townsend & MTF - Get With you (Morales rmx) (Polygram) 1992
Rob Mello - Critical (Classic) 2005
Paul Woolford - Phuck Dat (Jackford Files) 2005
No Assembly Firm - Planetary Invasion (Robsoul) 2005
DJ Sneak - Inside (Winks acid rmx) (Magnetic) 2005
King Kapisi - Screams From The Old Plantation (FMR) 2000
Sisters Underground - In The Neighbourhood (Lamont) 1994

Best Taken with toy trains and small boobs


Simon said…
Sisters? Which mix Bob..there were a couple of quite good ones on the 12"
Bob Daktari said…
shit there was a 12", stink :)

Played the version off the Proud CD

such a classic track, so here not there... and it still holds up even after TV2's useage

Wish more of our so called hip hop evoked such wonderful feelings
Bryan said…
p2p/torrents or legit?
Bob D said…
Bryan, everything I play is legit

usually off my prefered medium of vinyl or when i have not the wax proper released CDs - I wish I had the Sisters Underground 12", and didn't even realise there was one,it is now on my very very long list of things to look out for as I trawl second hand bins :)

I'm proably a fool but I do not download music paid or not from the internetweb, except on the very rare occassion when its a DJ mix of someone I rate very highly
Simon said…
the 12" had a couple of remixes, the almost ragga one from Alan Jansson and James Pinker and a really cool Australian one from, I think, the late Robert Rasic