itunes I hate you

So there's been a couple of itunes updates over the past couple of months... which apart from their inability to just update the programme and instead forcing you to do a full install had and have gone swimmingly

Or so I thought

This morning I find my default file storage locaton (an external drive) had been changed to my temporary music folder on the puter... I blame itunes cause no way have I tinkered with any settings, I is lazy. (update, itunes had unchecked the move files to library opton... *shakes fist*)

Which has resulted in my lossing about 20 gig of music I'd painstakingly stolen

By stolen I mean downloaded off the internet - music you can't buy anywhere except possibly as 12"s on the worldwide second hand market, perhaps - these weren't popular tunes nor music and all were released nearly 20 years ago, ie the rights holders are not exploiting their catalogue so really no one has been harmed nor cheated (well in this instance I have been).

Now I could srtart afresh and grab the files again, if I can find them, or I could write a blog post saying:


micarl said…
changed the default library folder and DELETED your music. That's f**ked up. Stink bro.