The Watchmen

Popcorn - check
Frozen Coke - check (I'venever had this before, its like a cup of pooh... which I enjoyed.... oh dear)
Ability to see & hear - check
Sitting beside Dr Manhatten who wasn't in Manhatten - check

Cool film, I enjoyed it. I might have enjoyed it a lot...

Now after atleast 15 years I am going ot re-read the comic. I had palnned to do this in advance of the film, but was too lazy. Excpecting the film to put me off I am pleased to report the oppposite is the case.

The only thing I shall give away is that its a bit of a sausage fest

Now Friday awaits... with its bloody rain


Scott said…
if it wasn't for them damn laws forcing me to wear clothes when i'm at the movies, you would've been sitting next to me with my large blue glowing shlong