I'm a shocker for reflection

So much so you may as well put a hat on me and call me a reflector.

So here we are a week out from Santa's day and I'm deep funk looking back on my year and wondering where the time went.

Since Mel Cheren's death I've been reflecting on this dance music thang I adore so. I've started to re-read Shirley Garratt's "Adventures In Wonderland - A Decade Of Club Culture" having just finished the early sections of Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton's "Last Night A DJ Saved My Life". Always good to remind oneself of the where it all came from thang.

I'm drinking my morning coffee, smoking whilst listening to the Enrght House's debut album A Maze & Amazement, such a amazing album. Don't know what it is with Christchurch right now but by god that cities offering up some wonderful sounds!

So I'm reflecting, over work for the year, over the year in fact.

Not long to go when one can pretend the world is different because of construct, one we all time.. aw fuck it this isn't a time for blinking on and off... here's the Enright House... enjoy


Anonymous said…
being reflective at this time of year is an evil human disease.
I've caught it i admit...however its taken the best part of a week I'm sleepless and only up to March!
2008 will be better, for a start an 8 has so many possibilities. I've already written it 3 different ways and think I'll alternate just to fuck with my own head heh heh heh
isn't one of those flash symbols for a hug?? if not in the words of one Enterprise captin "make it so"??
bring it on I say, cos after 2007 (which slides so smoothly from tounge) we be strong as lions... X8