Monday, May 30, 2005

The Long & The Short Of It

Monday 2-4pm

Ten City - All Loved Out (Love Serenade mix), (Spiritual Life)
Romnathony - The Wanderer (Sole Music) 1999
Arthur Russel - Wild Combination (Nuphonic) 2001
Funky Green Dogs - I Can't Help It (Cassoni Cluyb mix) (Twisted UK), 1998
Sandy Riveria & Jose Burgos - Living Me (Under The Counter),
DJ Phully - Feed It, (Lovefunk), 2005
Mojo Project - In My Life (John Arnolds Hustle), (Lovemonk) 2004
Chicks On Speed - Glamour Girl (Sub Up), 1999
Magik Johnson feat James Dempsey - Being Boiled, (NRK) 2005
The Clash - This Is Radio Clash (Columbia) 1981
Brett Johnson & Dave Barker - Where Are You From, (Brique Rouge) 2005
Del Costa & Pedro Goya - B Boys, (Classic) 2005
Brett Johnson - Sex With machines, (Magnetic) 2005
No Assembly Firm - Planetary Invasion, (Robsoul), 2005
Freaks - Fly Higher pt one (MFF) 2001
Swag - Lockdown (Unlikely Lads remix), (2020 Vision) 2002
The Gentle People - The Gentle People Are Love, (Rephlex) 1999

Best taken with a hangover whilst serving brunch to mexican vistors over a glass or two of cheap port

thank christ NZ Music Month is over

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