Monday, October 25, 2004

The Long & The Short Of It

Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu – All You Need Is Love, (KLF Communications) 1987
Pop Will Eat Itself – Hit the High Tech Groove, (Chapter 22), 1987
Joy Division – Love Will tear Us Apart (John Peel slight re-edit), (Factory/Fabric), 1980/2002
Jeremy Joshua – Einstein, (Casa Del Disco), 2004
Stacy Kidd – Underground (Smooth Agent Records), 2004
White Collar Criminals – What’s Crackin’ McJackin (Fetish), 2004
Troydon – Get Involved, (Nightshift), 2004
Phat Company – Love Life, (Kinky Mambo), 2000? A lovely blue 7”
Aphex Twin – Digeridoo, (R&S Records), 1992 I think

- interview with Andy Cato Groove Armada
Groove Armada - Black Sheep (Tummy Touch)
Groove Armada - Pressure Breakdown (Tummy Touch)
Groove Armada - Fireside Favourite (Tummy Touch)

808 State – Pacific State (Justin Strauss mix), (NRK), 2002

Mark Nola, Guest DJ

Good friend and well known to some of the NZ House regulars (and older clubbers) is Mark Nola spinning some of that house music he so loves and adores

For those who don't know who Mark is, lets say he's been DJing since the mid eighties, was the first person to explain beat mixing to me around 87 (I told him it'd never catch on - LOL ), was a resident at the Hula Hut and most importantly for the vinyl addict he has a lot to do with them records that arrive each and every week in the various vinyl stores around New Zealand

Kokee The Nose Anu - ?? ,(Igloo), 2003
Stacy Kidd – Rock & Roll, (Afterschool Recordings), 2004
Soul Mekanik – Get Your Head Stuck On Your Neck, 2004
DJ Bango – Paid In Full, 2004
DJ Freestyle?? maybe - Folk Are Dumb, (Odds & Ends), 2004
Eclat & Prudo – You’ll Ask Us, (Music For Freaks), 2004
Detroit Grand Pubahs vs Michael Jackson – Billy Sandwiches, will do
Greenskeepers – Sailing, (Classic), 2004

Friday, October 22, 2004

The Long & The Short Of It

GeorgeFM Friday 2-4

Prince Buster – Al Capone, (Island)
John Holt – Ali Baba, (Nuphonic)
Ronnie Richards – Steppin Out, (Atlantic Jaxx)
Gary Clail & The On U Soundsystem – Two Thieves & a Lair (On U Sound)
Rhythm & Sound feat Tikiman – Never Tell You, (Burial Mix)
Dream Rabbit – Frogsnatcher, (Afro Art)
Harlem Zip Code – I Feel Music, (Paper)
The Coffee Kids – Dangerous Frequencies, (M2NS)
Behind The Groove feat Jackie Green – Calling Your Name, (Farris Wheel)
Crazy Penis – Lost That Feeling (dollars downing a pint mix), (Shiva)
Marcus Hunter & Stray Casa – Its Hot, (Estereo)
Bad Habits – the Other (Mental Illness / Data:Bass)
I-F – Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass, (Disko B)
Phase IV – Light Em Up, (Force Inc)
??? from Electro Booogie Vol 2 (White)
Liquid Liquid – Caravan, (Strut)
B52’s – Mesopotamia, (Obsessive)
Some random funny thing I found on my computer
Greenskeepers – Mesopotamian (Lance De Sardis Deep Bleep Dub), (Classic)
Market House vs Natural Rhythm – Treat You Sweet ?, (Detour)
Natural Calamity – And That’s Saying A Lot, (Nuphonic)
Cody Chestnutt – Serve this Royalty, (Jockey Slut)

blended and mashed with imperfection