Monday, August 29, 2005

The Long & The Short Of It

Monday 2-4pm

Francois K & Barbara Mendes - Awakening (Wave) 2002
Ashley Slater - Private Sunshine (Afro Art) 2002
Risco Connection - Ain't No Stopping Me Now (unreleased version) (Nuphonic) 2001
Jessie Gould - Out Of Work (Soultrust re-edit) (Soultrust) 2005
DBMC - Special Things (DBMC) 2005
Black Science Orchestra - Keep On Keepin On (Road to Washington mx) (Afro Art) 1998
East Village Loft Society - I Wanna Sing...Sunshine (Black Science Records)
Bent - Always (Beedle rmx) (Sport) 2000
Stacy Kidd - House Cursade (Odds & Ends) 2005
DJ RED - My Best Thing (Bumpin City) 2005
Robbie Hardkiss - Get Up (Robbies pipebombs for Crackheads mx) (Hallucination) 2005
Rob Mello - Critical (Purple Love Vocal mx) (Classic) 2005
The Sound Republic - Fart Mouth Mikey (Guest House) 2005
Gemini - Swimming Wit Sharks (Classic) 1999
Mark Farina - Cali Spaces (house mix) (Om) 2005
Moodymann - Emotional Condition (Peacefrog)
Greenskeepers - Go (No Assembly Firm & Georges truncated version) (GK Music) 2005

Best taken with Hilda Ogden in the bath

Monday, August 22, 2005

The Long & The Short Of It

Monday 2-4pm

Hidden Cameras - Golden Streams (Rough Trade) 2003
Moodymann feat NJB - Long Hot Sex Nights (live in 94 MM rmx) (KDJ?)
Home & garden - Sexuality...He's Too Young (Classic) 2001
Stacy kidd feat Matthew Yates - I Wanted You (Yellowrange)
2nd Shift feat Diz - Latin Boogie (Seasons) 2003
The Streets - Weak Become Heroes (Ashley Beedle rmx) (679) 2002
Fredd Dagg - Petrol pt 2 (EMI) 1975
Youryhtmics - that one (white)
Greenskeepers - Should I Sing Like This (D's re-edit) (Classic) 2002
Greenskeepers - Ride The Line (GK Music) 2004
Jonny Rock - Somethin' About Nothin' (MFF) 2005
Robbie Hardkiss - Everything Is Changing (Brett J rmx) (Classic) 2004
Paul Woolford - Straight Trippin (Jackfordfiles) 2005
throbbing Gristle - Hot Heels United (Carter Tutti rmx) (Nvamute) 2004
Rob Mello - Critical (Purple Love vocal mix) (Classic) 2005
Greenskeepers - Man in The House (GK Music) 2005
Reactor Music - House Music (CDR) 2004

Best taken with a classic monkey on your shoulder and Websta breathing down ya neck (cheers for the rekkid buddy!)

Saturday, August 20, 2005

GeorgeFM Winter Warmup

So I don't get to actually play records in a club much...

Is it cause I don't/can't mix?
Is it cause I play shit records?
Is it cause I am old?

To be honest I don't care to, much

On occassion though I am dragged out of the house, kicking and screamming like a small child with records and a desire to drink way too much, smoke far too many fags and a desire to CLEANSE the floor - I don't care for dancing much

So once a year GeorgeFM, you may have noticed them mentioned here by now, well anyways, George do a special gig each year for their faithful listeners - a big group hug if ya like. The gig is always free to listeners - tickets being only available via the Station. This year it was held at the Studio and Galatos (Auckland) with the street between closed off and a truckload(s) of snow dumped into this area.

I must say at this point, not mixing records in a club setting can be boring, cause you don't do much but hit the play button every 5 to 6 minutes, which ain't bad, but considering in New Zealand its now illegal to smoke in venues I was at a loss as to what to do with myself between said pushes of the button, usually I'd smoke and drink beer, well i did drink - vodka and red bull but no smoking.... arggggghhhhhhhh it hurt :)

To cut a long story short, I got drunk and played the following records to a bemused bar staff in the VIP room

Winter Warmup Set

Freaks - Sweet Dreams (instrumental) (MFF)
Bernard Badie - Train (Cajual)
Greenskeepers - Go (Diz rmx) (GK music)
Untitled Orchestra - She's Strange (Icon)
Justin harris & Stella Attar - Why Don't You move a Bit Closer (Plastic Jazz Band remake) (Odori)
Freaks - You Ain't House (Wash House)
the Wombles - Remember You're A Womble
Freaks - Tweakers (Tweekers)
Brett Johnson - Sex With Machines (Magnetic)

best taken with a booming room, lots of vodka, bubbles and Stephen's momma

Monday, August 15, 2005

The Long & The Short Of It

Monday 2-4pm

Greenskeepers - Man In The House (Greenskeepers) 2005
Fred Dagg - Petrol (EMI) 1976
S'Xpress - Mantra For A State Of Mind (Rhythm King) 1989
Jungle Brothers - I'll House You (Todd Terry rmx) (Warlock) 1989
Roland Clark - Speak To me (Frankie Valentine mix) (Estereo) 2001
Disko Method - Get Your Mind Together (Under The Counter)
Troffman - Hold You (Shaboom)
Mateo & Matos - Don't Ever Stop Lovin' (Glasgow Underground) 2000
Gene Farris - This Is my Religion (Soma) 2000
Problem Kids - Feel Alright (Paper) 2000
The Dub Duo - One 'o' One (NRK) 1998
Disko Method - Keep on Movin (Under The Counter)
Kingsize Funk - Release The Pressure (Doc & Sneaks mix) (Shaboom) 2000
House Proud People - Lonely Disco Dancer (Sneaks boomin mix) (Cross Section) 2000
Gene Farris Richards Word (Camoflage) 2002
Blaze - My Beat (Solid Groove rmx) (Slip & Slide) 2004
Sandy Rivera & Jose Burgos - No Smoke (Under The Counter)
DJ Brame - Smoke That Cigarette (G Swing) 2002
Blaze Feat Plamer Brown - Do You Remember House (Slip & Slide) 2002

Best taken with buttered scones and tea

Monday, August 08, 2005

The Long & The Short Of It

Monday 2-4pm

Car Crash Set - Imagination (Reaction) 1983
Edelweiss - Schnapps Bonus (WEA) 1988
Captain Sensible - Glad Its All Over (A&M) 1983
Fetus Productions - Whats Going On (Normal) 198?
Bernard Badie Feat Dajae - Train (Cajaul) 2005
Green Velvet - The Bathroom (Relief) 2005
Paul Woolford - Vice & Virtue (Jackford Files) 2005
Style Of Eye Feat Freeda - That Thing (Tony Senghore rmx) (Mouthful) 2005
Brett Johnson - One man (Classic) 2005
Leo Medez Group - Lasal (Swags for the Floor Dub) (Lovemonk) 2005
DJ RED - Show Me A Sign (Bumpin City) 2005
Stacy Kidd - Bad Accident (Lady D'lectable mix) (Delectable) 2005
Stacy Kidd - Thank You (Funky Guia\tar mix) (Musique De Salon) 2005
No Assembly Firm - Rock The Disco (Hudd Traxx) 2005
Age Of Chance - Kiss (Fon) 1986
Freaks - Tweekers (Tweekers) 2005
Rob Mello Feat Freeda - Critise (Purple Love Dub) (Classic) 2005
Greenskeepers - Go (No Assembly Firm rmx) (Greenskeepers) 2005
Playgroup - Back to Front (Todd Terry rmx) (Output) 2003
and I think I played
Kingsize Funk - Release the Pressure (Shaboom)

Best taken with a grain of salt and large vase of dead flowers

Monday, August 01, 2005

The Long & The Short Of It

Monday 2-4pm

Mr Hermano - Juganda Con Fuego (Demo Version) (Disorient) 2001
The Fantastic plastic Machine - the Whistle Song (Junior) 2001
Bernard Badie feat Dajae - Train (Cajual) 2005
Moodymann - LiveinLA 1998 (Peacefrog) 2003
Stacy kidd feat Artesha - Thank You (instrumental) (Musique De Salon) 2005
DJ RED - My best Thing (Bumpin City) 2005
Greenskeepers - Go (No Assembly Firm rmx) (Greenskeepers) 2005
Brett Johnson - One Man (Classic) 2005
Johnny Rock - Somethin ABout Nothin (MFF) 2005
Ken From ECB - Be Who You Wanna Be (Deepfunk) 2005
Freaks - Tweekers (Tweekers) 2005
Excert from Dr Who original recordings (BBC)
No Assembly Firm - Planetary invasion (Robsoul) 2005
Brett Johnson - Sex With machines (Magnetic) 2005
Derrick Carter - Legacy (Wash house) 2005
Lil Mark - Say You'll (Freaks rmx) (Paranoid Music) 2005
The Goodmen - Give It Up (FRRR) 1993
Designer Music - Good Girls (Planet E)

Best Taken with lemsip and vodka